About The Colossal Concho Belts

  • These Colossal Concho Belts are wearable at the hip, on the waist, and anywhere in between. Perfect for the transitioning figure.
  • Measurements reflected on the Shop page as “Length”, equate to the approximate distance between the concho buckleʼs prong and the strapʼs final punched hole at the opposing end.
  • Each strap, with little exception, has a “tail” of approximately 3” - 4”, a blank distance from that strapʼs final punched hole to its tapered end; further holes may be added here to extend the strap's length.
  • Strapsʼ holes are spaced to fit body measurements in the approximate range of 26”- 45”; inquire about availability of custom lengths; no upcharge.
  • Hole punch size is chosen to accommodate the type of leather used and its density and thickness (known as "ounce") to create a snug fit in relation to the buckle prong. Should you opt to add your own holes to custom fit your belt, first start with small hole(s) and test for firm fit.
  • To fit a body measurement of less than 26”, remove a concho or three and add holes as needed.
  • Excess strap length may be run along the backside of the conchos to neatly and completely conceal, or left to dangle, or stylishly looped around belt strap, or trimmed.
  • When trimming, be certain to consider in advance the strap length necessary for your belt to be worn at any level on your body, then trim accordingly. Measure twice, cut once!
  • All measurements are approximate as there is some “give” to the leathers. Though very sturdy and stable, the bullhide has that give of about ½” to 1”.
  • The black bullhide is dye-struck; the color is present throughout the hide, even if the strap is trimmed.
  • When considering your body measurements, take the measurement over the clothing you plan on wearing under your belt.

What you need to know

  • All Conchos are Lead-free and Cadmium-free.
  • (ATQ) conchos' tone, color, shading varies from belt to belt.
  • All concho measurements are approximate:
    Large Round 4" D.
    Cross 3½" x 3½"
    Round 3½" D.
    Cross 3½" x 3½"
    Square 4" x 4"
  • Caution against wearing directly atop very lightweight or delicate fabrics or
    knits, as damage to fibers could occur.
  • Strap holes are punched per hide weight for a snug fit. Do not enlarge
    the holes, as buckle's prong may lift out during wear.
  • When putting belt on, support hole's underside with your thumb to help guide
    buckle prong through strap hole for a snug fit.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Checks must clear prior to shipping; allow adequate time for bank clearance.
  • Shipping is $ 24.00 (USD) for (1) belt ; $29.00 (USD) for (2) belts shipped together, to the same address, in the contiguous United States.
  • We ship Priorty First Class, insured via United States Postal Service (U.S. Mail).
  • Please inquire about shipping rates beyond contiguous U.S.
  • Shipment within 1-7 calendar days contingent upon clearance of payment.
  • Jules of the West offers a 5 calendar days return policy. Call for a Return Authorization (RA) number. Buyer is responsible for return postage, including insurance sufficient to cover sale price. Concho Belt must be returned in same condition as delivered. These criteria being met, we will cheerfully refund; an exchange may be made as well. In the event of parts failure such as a broken concho bracket or damaged strap, part shall be repaired or replaced at the discretion and expense of Jules of the West.